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Bioclimatic: Our History (of success)

Our history begins 1978 with an idea whose time had come: the idea of clean fresh air. The end of the seventies saw a heightened environmental awareness and increased efforts to preserve natural resources like water and air. Our technology fit in with this social context and laid the foundation for our success. Since then we refined the technology and increased our product portfolio. Innovations and systems like PHOENIX, which significantly enhanced the effective spectrum of our devices, were added.

As before, we will also in the future rely on research and development to live up to our mission: to provide clean and healthy air.

Patents and Certificates

Certification ISO 9001
26.10.2005 - Euro Patent
01.12.2005 - BRD Patent
21.11.2010 CN7578759
18.06.2013 - Jugoinspekt Atest
12.06.2014 - AEROMAT Confirmation of Conformity
12.06.2014 - AEROTEC Confirmation of Conformity
ALR US Patent
Patent Kanada S
Patent USA Pyramide

Bioclimatic Mile Stones:


First installations of air purification devices in HVAC units of office buildings and production plants


Expansion of worldwide activities with representation with worldwide distribution partners


Development of a silver-coated high-intensity ionization tube


Development of the AirDeco Pyramid for healthy indoor air in private homes


Filing of exhaust air cleaning system PHOENIX patent


Grant of patent for exhaust air cleaning system PHOENIX


Presentation of Bioclimatic GmbH on the internet: www.bioclimatic.de


Move to new premises “Im Niedernfeld 4”


Market launch of the new “AirDeco Line”


Sensor based control for air ionization in HVAC systems


25th company anniversary on 4th of July


Next evolution step of the ionization tubes with stainless steel inner electrode


Further evolution of the ionization tubes with high-efficiency outer electrode


ISO 9001:2008 Certification