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Air ionization systems: a fundamental principle of air cleaning

All bioclimatic units from the just a few centimeters large Car Air Cleaner to the aerotron devices for outfitting large HVAC systems are based on the same principle: The bipolar ionization, where by means of high voltages the air molecules are split and transformed to ions. The highly energy-rich particles react with organic molecule chains and break them up: This affects for example all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria, but also pollen or mold as well as bad odors.

The devices for air ionization you can find for all applications in household, business, the air purification in medical facility as well as supply and exhaust air systems of industrial plants. Here an overview of our series:

Household: CarAirCleaner, AirDeco Air Cleaner S, AirDeco Pyramid, AirDeco Standard Unit, AirDeco Wall Unit
Business: Aeromat, Aerotec, Aerotron
Properties: Aerotron

We will gladly advise you on dimensioning bioclimatic professional units correctly based on room volume, emission source, application, etc. You can download a form here with which you make precise statements and give us a good basis for our counsel.