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Bioclimatic PHOENIX: active environment protection by means of modern air treatment

Environment protection has become a matter of course for private persons and companies. The government has contributed to this increased environmental awareness by a number of stipulations. This not only includes laws on the air purity, but also against odor nuisance of neighbors and residents.

With the bioclimatic PHOENIX series you not only comply with all governmental stipulations, you also choose an efficient while economical and modular applicable system for exhaust air cleaning. All this while the PHOENIX system uses natural principles: the separation by means of aerosol filters, photo-oxidation with UVC-light and activated oxygen, and – to enhance this effect – the use of a catalyst. This way organic odor molecules and solvents are abated and microorganisms deactivated. Clean, fresh and low in odor air is the result. We offer standardized systems for the field of kitchen exhaust air in six sizes from 2,000m³/h to 12,000m³/h. Larger as well as industrial systems are projected/designed individually based on the actual circumstances.

Satisfy yourself of the efficiency of the system: by means of a practical test on site with a mobile test unit. After an analysis of the specific exhaust air situation and design of the required system the test gives the last assurance regarding the efficiency under real circumstances. Request our mobile test unit.

We will gladly advise you on dimensioning bioclimatic professional units correctly based on room volume, emission source, application, etc. You can download a form here with which you make precise statements and give us a good basis for our counsel.

Animation of function of exhaust air cleaning system

Application fields:

Aerosol and grease containing exhaust air, dust and fiber containing exhaust air, off gas temperature up to 45°C, 250mg/m³ VOC, abatement of organic components, reduction of odors.


Meat- and fish-processing, canteen kitchens, surface treatment, waste sorting plant, rubber-, wood- and metal-processing, chemical industry, varnish and plastic production, print shops.