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Bioclimatic: Indispensable for odor neutralization and hygiene in industries

Customers expect a clean, low of odors and fresh indoor atmosphere and preferable germ free breathing air. As such these factors become essential for many industries for their business success. That is where the air ionization devices of bioclimatic into play: With the natural process of air ionization, they provide unconsumed, odor free air and a fresh indoor climate.

However, not only odor nuisance is then in the past, also bacteria, germs, and fungi will be neutralized by the activated oxygen. This process also prolongs the lifetime of perishable goods, protects from mold infestation and prevents aroma transfer.  The devices are built for continuous operation and with the exception of the mobile units of the aeromat series are installed stationary. At butchers’, slaughterhouses, food-processing plants, in cooling and maturing chambers as well as animal breeding and keeping the air ionization units are indispensable against bad odors and for the hygiene.  The germ reducing effect also reduces the number of staff away sick in offices.

We will gladly advise you on dimensioning bioclimatic professional units correctly based on room volume, emission source, application, etc. You can download a form here with which you make precise statements and give us a good basis for our counsel.

Application Overview:

aeromat: Offices, open plan offices, office buildings, congress centers, academes, universities, schools, sports facilities, fitness centers

aerotec: Hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, canteen kitchens, caterers, butchers’, florists, retirement and nursing homes, hair dressers, zoos, pet shops, toilet facilities of all types, ships

aerotron: Food retailing, wholesale, butchers’, slaughterhouses, florists, workshops (automobile, carpenters, plastic processing plants), varnishers, food production premises, bottling plants, hair dressers, dog parlors, pet food shops, retirement homes, vets, general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, laboratories, toilet facilities of all types