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aircleaner S, reliable air cleaning when on the go

You are on a business trip and your hotel room is not aired perfectly. Different odors linger in the air and even a short intense airing does not produce relief, besides you would like to have your indoor air freed of germs and bacteria. Then you should choose the cleaning power of the aircleaner S.

The mobile air ionization device not only cleans by means of activated oxygen and deactivates reliably various bacterial strains and molds, it is also highly suited for allergic persons. Because likewise pollen are inactivated by the natural principle of air ionization. On vacation, at home, or on the go: the aircleaner S is the ideal companion for all who want to clean their environment of odors and a variety of microorganisms.

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Aircleaner S, zuverlässige Luftreinigung durch Ionisation für Unterwegs

Equipment / Special Features

  • Universal small device for good indoor air

  • Dimensions: approx. 140 x 60 x 95mm

  • Depending on contamination suitable for up to 40m³

  • Power supply 100-240V

  • Power consumption max. 7W

  • Incl. 14V automobile vehicle power plug

  • 3 international plug adapters

  • 2 suction cups for secure hold

Suitable for:

Apartments, houses, dog and cat owners, allergic persons, smokers, patients with respiratory diseases / hotel rooms

Do you already know the bioclimatic principle? All our devices utilize two fundamental principles of nature. Learn more.