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AirDeco standard unit: A piece of jewelry for good air

With the conception of the AirDeco device series we were ruled by two main ideas: to make the tried and tested technology of air ionization primarily available for residential buildings and secondly to define a design which is at the same time functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The mobile AirDeco standard unit fulfills these two requirements notably: Equipped with a powerful tube, a low noise ventilation fan, as well as an integrated intensity regulator the device cleans the air also in larger rooms.

At the same time its design provides a pleasant eye-catcher in offices, living spaces, restaurants and in hotel rooms.

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AirDeco Standgerät

Equipment / Special Features:

  • Sensor based / manual operation mode

  • Integrated intensity regulator

  • Low noise ventilation fan

  • Flexibly useable

  • Dimensions: approx. 370 x 200 x 152mm

  • Power supply either 115 or 230V, 50/60Hz

  • Depending on contamination suitable for up to 120m³

  • Power consumption max. 23W

Suitable for:

Apartments, houses, dog and cat owners, allergic persons, smokers, patients with respiratory diseases, offices, hotels, catering businesses

Do you already know the bioclimatic principle? All our devices utilize two fundamental principles of nature. Learn more.