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AirDeco Wall units: beautiful designed united with efficient technology

An apt example of how good design unites with perfect technology is the AirDeco Wall unit. The square front of brush-finished stainless steel is only interrupted by the air outlet and air inlet vents, a small red-yellow-green Display shows the current room quality. Optionally incorporable lights at the top and the bottom additionally make it a wall lamp with indirect lighting.

But of course the product design is just one facet of the air ionization device AirDeco Wall unit. Germs and odor molecules are being inactivated by oxidation with “activated oxygen”. This way the air quality of indoor spaces is decisively enhanced, molds and bacteria are significantly reduced, odors neutralized as well as the air enriched with a natural ion concentration.

bioclimatic air ionization devices you can order online here.

AirDeco Wandgeräte

Equipment / Special Features:

  • Sensor based / manual operation mode

  • Integrated intensity regulator

  • For permanent wall installation

  • Four step ventilation fan

  • Integrated lights (optional)

  • Dimensions: approx. 380 x 370 x 95mm

  • Power consumption max. 35W (including lamps, otherwise 23W)

  • Power supply either 115 or 230V, 50/60Hz

  • Depending on contamination suitable for up to 120m³

Suitable for:

Apartments, houses, dog and cat owners, allergic persons, smokers, patients with respiratory diseases, offices, hotels, catering businesses

Do you already know the bioclimatic principle? All our devices utilize two fundamental principles of nature. Learn more.