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car air cleaner – the smallest thunderstorm in the world

Cars smell great – when they are new. However, after a few years other odors than those of leather and fresh textiles are taking over. Everyone knows that during longer drives with several persons, the air quality is influenced negatively. Especially dog-owners can confirm this, when bringing their four-legged darlings into the car after a strong downpour.

Here the car air cleaner comes into play. Compact and regarding his small size incredibly powerful, it reduces odors, germs and pollen. For operation, you simply put the smallest ionization device of bioclimatic into the cigarette lighter. That is all and already the smallest thunderstorms begins its work.

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Car Air Cleaner

Equipment / Special Features:

  • Suitable for allergic people

  • Without chemicals – without additional fragrances

  • No filters, so no filter exchange necessary

  • Bipolar ionisation

  • Minimal power consumption

  • Due to its bendable and turnable plug it can be positioned and used in all automobiles

  • Dimensions: 42 x 36 x 155mm

  • Power consumption max. 3W

  • Power supply 12V

Suitable for:

Caravans / mobile homes, automobiles, vans, trucks

Do you already know the bioclimatic principle? All our devices utilize two fundamental principles of nature. Learn more.